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Schaak - Allied Radio Catalog
One of the coolest catalogs I've seen was produced by Schaak Electronics, 2 years after their aquisition of 27 Allied Radio stores.  This rare and limited-edition 1975 catalog, called the Schaak-Allied Radio Catalogue Of The Air (Large Format) or (Small Format), was in the size and shape of a record album!

The cover was made from very heavy stock paper. The inside pages, also printed on heavier stock paper, are staggered for quick indexing. The front inside pocket is "Reserved for warranty cards, Invoices, & other Manufacturer's literature". The back inside cover pocket is called a "Watch Pocket (Watch this pocket for communications from Allie & Timmy!)" **

Not only does it feature Schaak-Allied products, but it contains material to educate the consumer on topics such as, "How Hi the Fi?", "Amp & Tuner Separates", "Hi-Fi Monaural, Stereo, Quad", "Loudspeaker Systems", "The Loudspeaker of the Future", "Turntables & Changers", "The Tiny World of Cartridges & Styli", "Tape Equipment", "Audio Accessories", "Enough Headroom", and much more.

** In 1974, Schaak Electronics advertised on local Minneapolis radio stations, broadcasting at least two different radio commercials on KTCR-FM with a character named Uncle Allie talking to his nephew Timmy. These two characters also appear this Schaak Electronics - Allied Radio catalog. 

Read more about Schaak Corporation's aquisition of Allied Radio and the Schaak-Allied Catalog.


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